Upcoming book-related events and talks

Why Evolution Is True

Please excuse a bit of self-promotion: there will be an inordinate number of book-related announcements this week, just to keep people up to date.  This is a list of upcoming events, and I’ll add others when they materialize:

Thursday, May 21: Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at noon at the spiffy University Club of Chicago (76 E. Monroe St.). I believe tickets are $25, but that includes lunch. You can get more information at (312) 726-2840. There will be a book signing, I believe. The magic word to get a cat drawn in your book, as it will be for this whole series of talks, is “Maru.”

Friday, May 22: In two days I’ll be doing a reddit AMA (“Ask me anything”) event from 1 p.m. to at least 3 p.m. Eastern Time, and it may go on longer. You can post questions (in advance) or observe the goings-on here. The occasion of the…

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