This Is Me Talking About It by Janel Taylor

Chicago Literati

Dear Amy
don’t confuse my passion for anger
I won’t confuse your blindness for acceptance
I could never afford rose colored glasses
so the black bodies littering the streets look less like the first 10 minutes of the evening news on repeat
and more like the husband for which I been praying
God sent an apology for free will of warm fingers around brown necks or on cold triggers pointed at dark skin
when he separated the light from the dark
was he referring to us
Dear Amy
I don’t expect you to understand
You’ve never been black
I don’t expect you to understand the stigma behind African American
That makes you not want to be African or American
I don’t expect you to understand anything but unapologetically white
This is me talking about it

Dear dear dear Amy
When picking today’s lesson
skip Hebrews chapter 10 verse 26

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Upcoming book-related events and talks

Why Evolution Is True

Please excuse a bit of self-promotion: there will be an inordinate number of book-related announcements this week, just to keep people up to date.  This is a list of upcoming events, and I’ll add others when they materialize:

Thursday, May 21: Tomorrow I’ll be speaking at noon at the spiffy University Club of Chicago (76 E. Monroe St.). I believe tickets are $25, but that includes lunch. You can get more information at (312) 726-2840. There will be a book signing, I believe. The magic word to get a cat drawn in your book, as it will be for this whole series of talks, is “Maru.”

Friday, May 22: In two days I’ll be doing a reddit AMA (“Ask me anything”) event from 1 p.m. to at least 3 p.m. Eastern Time, and it may go on longer. You can post questions (in advance) or observe the goings-on here. The occasion of the…

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Forgotten Girl Author Naomi Jacobs Opens Up About Her Surreal Experience with Abby Sheaffer

Chicago Literati

Imagine going to bed and waking up 17 years into the future. For Forgotten Girl author Naomi Jacobs, that actually happened. Are you intrigued? Read our interview. Forgotten Girl is out now via Macmillan Publishing.

In your book, Forgotten Girl, you wrote about the surreal experience of going to bed a 32 year old and waking up believing you were a teenager. Were there any gnawing symptoms prior to when you fell asleep and woke up believing you were 15?

My family and friends thought I had Transient Global Amnesia initially, but I later found out from doctors that I actually had Dissociative Amnesia. It’s a form of psychogenic retrograde amnesia brought on by severe stress and is very rare. Yes, there were symptoms beforehand. In the year leading up to the amnesia I had suffered a nervous breakdown when I lost my business and ended up homeless and bankrupt…

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